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The Steady 45s

Reviving the spirit of 1960's Jamaican Ska and Rocksteady music. 


  Current Members:

Alfredo Barrios: Trumpet

Ian Jacks: Tenor Sax, Vocals

Joe Quinones:Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar, Trumbone

Joe Nieves: Lead Vocals,Guitar

Fritz Zar: Vocals, Drums

Eric Mauries: Bass, Vocals

Esteban Flores: Piano


 Past Members:

Mickey Wilson: Stand Up Bass (1903 Ep/Long Time Coming 7")

Tyler Lutz: Vocals/Guitar (1903 Ep/Pressure B side)

Jesse Sears: Vocals/Trumpet (1903 Ep/Long Time Coming 7")

Esteve Mena: Alto Sax