Meet The Steady 45’s

The Steady 45s, who recently embarked on a 15-day European tour that brought soaring harmonies, true-to-the-era melodies and an energetic live show to Germany, France and even the Czech Republic.


The Steady 45s were founded in Los Angeles in December, 2012 with the sole purpose of resurrecting the sweet sounds of Jamaican Ska & Rocksteady. 

Through relentless gigging with their highly energetic live performance, the group is making waves around the world and transporting audiences back to 1960s Jamaica with their heavy ska and lover's rocksteady.

Fresh off a year of touring Europe, Canada, Mexico, and a full tour of the United States, The Steady 45s are now working to follow up their first full length, "Trouble In Paradise" with another release this year.  True fans of Ska, Rocksteady, and Reggae are in for a special treat!



Alfredo Barrios

Ian Jacks
Tenor Sax/Vocals

Joe Quinones
Lead Vocals/Lead Guitar/Trombone

Joe Nieves
Lead Vocals/Guitar

Fritz Zar

Eric Mauries

Esteban Flores


Former Members

Mickey Wilson
Stand Up Bass (1903 Ep/Long Time Coming 7")

Tyler Lutz
Vocals/Guitar (1903 Ep/Pressure B side)

Jesse Sears
Vocals/Trumpet (1903 Ep/Long Time Coming 7")

Esteve Mena
Alto Sax